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TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders are routinely addressed in our charlotte chiropractic clinic.  Tmj is a disorder in which the joint where the jaw attaches to the skull is not moving properly.  View the video below for a demonstration.


View Our Charlotte TMJ video here


There a re various symptoms that can be associated with TMJ disorder.  These can be pain in the ear, headaches and neck pain.  A clicking or popping noise may also be associated with the opening of the mouth.  Many people with TMJ are not able to open fully open their mouths.  This can have an effect on eating, chewing and talking. 


Often the jaw does not open evenly.  The jaw may move more to one side than the other when the person opens and closes their mouth .  These symptoms can lead to more serious problems later on if not treated properly.  Early detection allows a variety of treatments to be possible.


In our charlotte chiropractic clinic, we have found tmj to be caused by several issues.  There may be imbalance of the jaw muscles.  This can cause the jaw to “track improperly and misalign.  An injury such as a car accident causing sudden movement can also trigger TMJ disorder.  In charlotte, nc there are a number of motor vehicle accidents as in all major cities so we do notice this to be a major contributor to tmj disorder in charlotte.


Stress can be another cause.  This causes bruxism or grinding of the teeth.  You may wake up with stiff neck muscle from clenching your teeth all night.  Dental work can also result in TMJ disorder.  The necessary force to pull a tooth embedded in the lower jaw can misalign the jaw. 


Braces can change the bite line (where teeth meet) which can change how the jaw moves.  Most of the muscles of the jaw are designed for chewing.  That means that the jaw has very weak muscles for opening.  Keeping the jaw open for long periods can also stress the jaw muscles.  This is in no way caused by the dentist.  It is just the stress placed on the joint can result in this.  Have your jaw checked for alignment and proper tracking.


Treatment for TMJ in our charlotte chiropractic office depends on each individual case. There may need to be treatment to rebalance the jaw muscles.  The jaw itself may need to be realigned.  Adjustment of the jaw itself is often necessary and is very gentle.  Neck adjustments may also be indicated since there are segments that are associated and connected to the jaw. 


Sometimes a mouth piece or nightguard is recommended at night.  Supplements may also be to reduce the grinding of teeth.  Sources of stress may also be addressed.  Since all of our treatments are natural, you won’t have to worry about steroid injections or surgery.


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